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Mixed Media Art

Create with Naples artist Jen Norqual, owner of Docks by Jen. Each child will explore mixed media by using old lobster traps to create mini "dock scenes." Children will also do some driftwood and nautical art, canvas painting with acrylic, water col- or, charcoal and so much more. This is the creative opportunity of a lifetime for young artists.

Instructor: Jennifer Norqual

Ages 6-13

Cost $105

JUNE 18-22 CLASS: K-1

JUNE 25-29 CLASS: K-3

Shell Art

Join shell artists from the Marco Island Shell Club and explore the wonderful world of Marco Island's beautiful seashells! We will have age appropriate projects for kids to do - Legend of the Sand Dollar/ sand dollar ornaments, critters, decorating objects, making picture frames - and if we have students with advanced ability - beginning shell flowers will be taught! Come and join us for some Fun!

Instructors: Jae Kellogg and other Marco Island Shell Club Artists

Ages 7-14

Cost $70


What Can You Do With Clay?

Have you ever wanted to make your own gargoyle? Or throw clay on the wheel? Or even make a fun marionette of your own design? Then this class is for you! With a variety of practices and surface treatments, this weeklong class will surely show you that with clay, the possibilities are endless.

Instructor: Rebecca Ferguson

Ages 7-14

Cost $115



Create and Design with Anything!

Mixed Media Creations: Here you will be creating and designing with objects you wouldn't normally use for Art. You will be able to generate your multi- layered compositions with acrylic, watercolor, glue, and even melting crayons! Come join the fun and don't be scared to let your imagination run wild.

Instructor: Michael Grandi

Ages 7-13

Cost $105


Crazy Face

How the heck do people draw faces? How can I improve my skills to be able to do that? Come see what Mr. Grandi has to offer when it comes to creating portraits. We will be talking about drawing realistic faces, abstract faces, and even anime faces! Come join the fun and put a face to your artwork!

Instructor: Michael Grandi

Ages 7-13

Cost $105


Doodling 101

Doodling in class? Come join the creative fun and learn how to take your drawing skills to the next level. Here we will be learning basic drawing techniques, applying the elements of art to your doodles, and even learn how to zentangle. Make your Art Teacher happy and keep doodling!

Instructor: Michael Grandi

Ages 7-13

Cost $105